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Welcome to not not nutritious. I’m Sylvia, the one on the left in the photo. This is my site and I pretty much do it all, for better or for worse! Recipe concocter, writer, photographer, Photoshopper, marketing and digital media manager. Oh, and editor, prop purchaser, dishwasher, accountant, floor sweeper, and CEO.

not not FAQ

What’s the deal? 

I’m a long-lapsed vegan. I’m a middle child and a lifetime peacemaker. I want not not to be an inclusive site because there are so many issues related to food that need solving – food security, an epidemic of overweight yet malnourished people, overuse of antibiotics in animals and other horrific factory farming practices. And then there’s the impact of monocultures and genetically-modified crops. These problems require serious collective brain power if we’re ever going to get to a happy ending. The peacemaker in me says: Rather than letting our diets divide us, let’s focus on common ground and build momentum from that. Our worldview is influenced by those we share our meals with. If vegans and vegetarians and carnivores* don’t dine together then they will only ever hear their own beliefs echoed back at them. {And by carnivores, more accurately, I mean omnivores}

If vegans and vegetarians and carnivores don’t dine together then they will only ever hear their own beliefs echoed back at them.

What’s different about your blog?

This is a place to find whole food recipes and — starting this week — entire menus, that make eating together easier for people with diverse diets. So, for example, you’re a mom and you’re vegetarian, your partner is a committed carnivore, but your daughter is following a plant-based diet. I have a meal for that! Or maybe you’re an omnivore and you’re having friends over, and one’s a pescatarian and another’s a vegetarian. Or maybe you are a reducetarian, who still eats some meat and dairy but you want to incorporate more plant-based meals into your repertoire. There’s so many combos out there! I take requests! Tell me your situation and your challenges in the Comments area below or on my facebook page. And I’ll whip something up for you! Seriously. {Disclaimer #1: Timeline for delivery may vary!}

Finally, if you’re an omnivore who’s just looking for ways to get more veggies in — not not is great for that as well! I’m working hard to incorporate vegetarian and carnivore twists to vegan (aka plant-based) recipes.

However you label them, the recipes are easy and fun. And my motto, taken from this recipe, is “vegan food with no weird ingredients.” {Disclaimer #2: Weird is relative, but I’ll do my best. Aquafaba is not weird. It isn’t!}

Bottom line: Why not not not??

How did you learn to cook?

I am not done learning! What I do know is self taught. I love my blender. I have zero knife skills. I make a lot of messes. I’ve had to teach myself to measure properly so that I can accurately record ingredients. And the most surprising things I learned from doing that was that a) I was always putting in too much flour and b) I use a lot of ginger!

Why did you name your site not not nutritious?

The short story is that it involved a heated match between Mikael and I about whether one of us (who shall remain nameless) was getting any nutrition from the 6 cup bowl of Cheerios he chose to eat right before dinner. The checkmate statement: “If I ate nothing but Cheerios for a month, and you ate nothing, I would be alive and you would be dead. Dead. It’s not not nutritious.”

So is Mikael that guy on right? What’s the deal with him?

He is so not a cook or even a foodie but he helps me out when I’m in a pinch. He excels at precise chopping and stylish plating. He rigged the carrot in the smoothie. I love the guy.

Below, he gets his turn to {digitally} manipulate me. That’s the beautiful city of Vancouver in the background. And if you’re wondering what I’m up to — I’ve got my nose in my camera manual!

me at beach in mikaels hand_IMG_1081

Thanks for reading! Now, write me a little note!

Sylvia Eastman


PS – Don’t forget to follow not not on Facebook and you can find me on Instagram too: @notnotnutritious

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