Browsing for recipes can be enjoyable, but it can also be time-consuming! Things get even more so when you’re looking for recipes for an entire meal — if you’re like me, you’re juggling ideas around in your mind, starting out with an idea for a main dish, then changing your mind because click, click, now you’ve found a great side. But wait, that means what you’ve decided on for dessert is not quite right. Throw into the mix that you’re planning a menu for a diverse group, from vegans to carnivores, and by this point, you’re swearing, sweating, and binge-eating cookies.

I know I’m always happy when I figure out a good dinner combination, so I thought others might appreciate whole menus as well.

Here are 5 flavour-packed menus to get you started.

Because making meals easier is one of not not’s missions. 

Share them with the ones you love! And by share, I mean both the recipes and the food itself!

Meal 1: Chili Night

Menu 1- Chili Night-CTA

Meal 2: Thai One On

Menu 2- Thai One On-CTA

Meal 3: Don’t Fritter it Away

Menu 3- Don't Fritter it Away3-CTA


Meal 4: Peas & Love

Menu 4 Peas and Love2

Meal 5: Say Cheese! (or Cheeze!)

Menu 5 Say Cheese.jpg