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Carrot Cake with Blood Orange Cream Cheese Icing

This egg-free Carrot Cake is nice and moist, aided by the addition of both pureed peaches and pineapple. A blood orange reduction replaces the traditional butter in the cream cheese icing. This results in more of a honey-ed orange flavour than a strong orange flavour. You could use regular orange juice, or you could use additional peach puree instead. Or, you don’t even need to ice this cake at all. Lots of options!


Lemon Spinach Hummus

I’m loving lemons lately and my newest ode to this versatile fruit is this lemon spinach hummus. Featuring both lemon juice and lemon oil, it packs a nice lemony punch. Perfect for parties, it’s gluten free, dairy-free, and vegan. But don’t wait for your next party to make it. Have it for lunch smeared on a bagel, or with crackers or veggies for a late afternoon pick me.


Triple Threat Coconut Cupcakes with Lemon Basil Coconut Glaze

Deliciously sweet inside with a crunchy, almost brown-sugary exterior, these yummy cupcakes contain three types of coconut: coconut flakes, coconut oil, and coconut extract. Awesome all on their own, they’re even more delicious with the glaze. Three’s the magic number today and the glaze has its own flavour trifecta, this time in the form of lemon, basil, and coconut. Yup – basil! It imparts a slightly herbaceous, floral note that’s a perfect foil to the sweetness of the cupcakes.