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Bacon and Caramelized Shallot Biscuits

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me how when she was a kid she ate bacon fat sandwiches. Back then, smothering white lard over perfectly good bread seemed like a horrifying prospect. Now I realize she was on to something! In honour of my mom, these biscuits are unapologetically bacon-y, with bacon fat replacing the traditional shortening, and cooked crumbled bacon added for good measure. The caramelized shallots add a hint of sweetness, or you could go all savoury and swap those out with roasted garlic. Or you could add both!

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Steak for Her with Merlot, Rosemary, & Dark Chocolate Sauce and Purple Pearl Onions in Maple Chili Glaze

Today, we’re snubbing salad and saying “hello” to steak. Actually, steak and sauce. But not just any old sauce. This ain’t no ho hum peppercorn, no timeworn mushroom, no routine red wine sauce. This is Steak for Her and our lady has an adventurous palate and a love of flowers, wine, and chocolate. She’ll find each making an appearance, respectively as rosemary, merlot, and a hint of dark chocolate. Reduced beef stock and brown butter round out the ingredient list. So good, she might just want to keep it all to herself, but maybe she’ll share. Despite the name – boys are allowed. Just don’t ask for a side of potatoes!

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