Halloween: Poison-Green Skull Margarita/Smoothie

Happy Halloween! Today’s post is a two for one deal. One version of the recipe is for the kids, and one version is just for you! For the kids, the Poison-Green Skull Smoothie is a zesty powerhouse packed with spinach, green apple, kiwi, lime, and lemongrass. For you, add some tequila and triple sec and you’re looking at the Poison-Green Skull Margarita, aka mother’s little Halloween helper.

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Halloween: Charcoal Black Devil’s Food Cake with Sour Cherry Hibiscus ‘Blood’

Charcoal Blackened Black Devil’s Food Cake with Sour Cherry Hibiscus ‘Blood’ Sauce.
Why choose between trick or treat, when you can have both in this gothic-inspired Halloween cake. The vanilla-flavoured black icing and ‘bloody’ delicious Sour Cherry Hibiscus sauce provide a pitch-perfect sweet and tart counterpoint to the dense and decadent chocolate cake.

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