sharing-a-meal-_y3ap9oo9pjc-ali-inay was born out of my fondness for food and my growing awareness that more and more people are torn and confused about almost everything food related. We buy organic fair trade coffee and make it with milk from factory farms. We cringe at footage of baby chicks being devoured by stainless steel machinery, but accept the charade of the frolicking chicken on the egg carton. We practice meatless Mondays; we juice, cleanse, and detox; we count macros – but we lack basic knowledge about how our body digests food, and why that even matters.

And when it comes to our diets, we are afraid to turn our back on the barrage of advice, so we take sides, put ourselves in boxes, we identify as Paleo, Keto, Plant-Based, “Vegans who eat fish at dinner parties.”

We are becoming culinary xenophobes, building a diet apartheid.

This scares me. Food security, the epidemic of overweight yet malnourished people, the overuse of antibiotics in animals, the impact of monocultures and genetically modified crops  – these are issues that require serious collective brain power if we’re ever going to get to a happy ending.

I created notnot as a space for eaters of all stripes to commune over one of the most important things in our lives – food, nourishment. Nourishment starts with sharing a meal. I live in a 777 square foot apartment so I can’t invite you all to my home, but I am inviting you to make one of my recipes. Tell me what you think of it. Tell me how you’ll modify it, make it yours for next time. Who you will share it with and why.

I’ve categorized and tagged all the recipes with standard search terms/food cult terminology. I did this to lure you here. Now that you are here, I hope you’ll stay, peer over the virtual fence at your fellow humans, see what they’re eating, see where there’s some common ground. As must be obvious by now, I play all sides of the fence. Maybe you do that too, or you’re open to finding new, less divisive labels – one that celebrate our love of food and not our judgment of it –  let’s look for fellow Gingertarians, Coco-nutians, Kaletonians.

I’ll continue to add recipes as fast as I can cook them, and soon I’ll be adding some essays and reflections; hopefully you’ll enjoy those too and come back here often, not just for great food but for great food for thought.

Sylvia E | Vancouver | September 2016

PS – The photo is by Ali Inay, courtesy of Unsplash




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