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Video: Making Egg-Free (Aquafab) Mayo

You too can make your own egg-free mayo! And probably less of a mess then I did! This quick and dirty video walks you through the simple steps to make mayo with a Blendtec blender.

Video: Quick + Delish Tomato and Bread Salad

Called a “A poignant love story?” by Vanity Fair, Olive Oil won best supporting actress for her understated — some might say, almost static, portrayal — in this short film about a tomato at the peak of its flavour.


Video: Feeding the Hangry: Episode 1: Curry Maple Chickpea Cakes

“Although Brandi’s character lacks dimensionality, the lighthearted movie-goer will enjoy the film’s larger message.” Hollywood Reporter

Video: Feeding the Hangry: EP1: The Long Version – Curry Maple Chickpea Cakes

Best for chickpea buffs and budding chefs, this meandering short film has a sweet and savoury ending.

Video: 4 Minute Cheeze Sauce Convert

After accepting an invite for dinner at the blog host’s home, one not not reader has a night she won’t soon forget. Rated B for bad lighting. Spoiler: Yes, YOU can make cheeze sauce in 4 minutes, start to finish.

Video: 4 Minute Cheeze Sauce

A cheerful soundtrack and simple graphics support this short film’s key message: making cheeze sauce is child’s play.