7:00 PM Pacific. A modern galley kitchen. I am at the stove, cooking. M enters, reaches into the high cupboard behind me and pulls down a plastic tupperware.

Me: You hungry? I’m cooking dinner.

M: I’m just going to have a little snack. (He pours himself 5 cups of cereal.)

Me: Hon — that’s all sugar. There’s no nutrition in that.

M: Yes, there is.

Me: No, there is not.

M: That is ridiculous. It’s food, it’s nutritious. I could live off this cereal.

Me: God knows what it would do to you.

M: If I ate nothing but this cereal for 3 months and you ate nothing, after 3 months I’d be alive and you would be dead. (Shovelling cereal in his mouth). Long dead.

Me: I have nothing to say.

M: It’s not not nutritious.


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