Un-complicating your life! One recipe at a time. {Easy Cheezy Broccoli Soup}

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Do you ever think about what your tombstone will say? I’d like mine to proclaim:  She made it easy. 

It’s always been my nature to distill information to its essence.

Years ago when I was working in software development, I got into a heated argument with a user interface specialist. I’d been asked to help her design part of the interface. Probably because I’d stepped well into her territory, she was very resistant to my idea and kept critiquing it, using terminology that I didn’t understand to explain why it was a bad idea. Despite her expertise, I knew my idea would help our users. So, I held my course. We each kept repeating our viewpoints. Our voices getting louder and louder and her technical jargon growing even more esoteric. I mean this lady was throwing around Noam Chomsky’s theories to justify her approach (and probably to intimidate me).

I would not relent.

Finally she snapped, “But your way makes it seem so easy!”

She was as surprised as I was to hear herself say that.

The room was very quiet for a long moment.

I hope I didn’t look obnoxiously victorious.

But I was happy that the easy way won out.


When it comes to recipes, we food bloggers take pains to advertise how simple our recipes are. I do it myself. 3 simple ingredients! Ready in minutes! Just one bowl! Only 5 steps! Etc. Etc. Sometimes these claims are true, sometimes it seems that 10 steps are crammed into 5 so as to lure people in with the appearance of easy.

Guys, this recipe is actually easy: you steam the broccoli, make the cheeze sauce and then blitz the two together in the blender. That’s it!

It’s especially easy if you’ve got some 4 minute cheeze sauce mix on hand. But even if you don’t and you have to make the cheeze sauce from scratch, it’s still fast. My cheeze sauce is made from 4 simple ingredients, including almond flour (aka almond meal) so there is no soaking time or other time-consuming prep work. You combine 4 dry ingredients in a bowl, add that with some water to a blender and blend it for a minute. Then you dump the blended mix into a saucepan and cook it for a few minutes until its thick and stretchy. That is is! Done. {I’m really trying to be worthy of that epitaph!}

#eating together made easy

This soup is 100% plant-based. If you’re a vegetarian or reducetarian, or eating with someone who is, the soup is delicious garnished with some dairy-based cheese. I do this all of the time — that is use cheeze and cheese together. It’s a great way to reduce your cheese consumption.

Let’s get cooking!


  • 4 cups of broccoli, chopped. (This amounts to about 3 cups cooked.)
  • 1 cup of 4 minute cheeze sauce mix OR 4 units of cheeze sauce recipe. {Note that these yield slightly different amounts. The mix makes about 1 3/4 cups while the sauce recipe will be about 2 cups.}
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • optional, to thin soup as needed, milk of your choice
  • optional for serving: nutritional yeast, or shredded cheeze/cheese of your choice.


  1. Steam the broccoli for about 10 minutes or until tender.
  2. Make the cheeze sauce:
  3. Put the steamed broccoli and cheeze sauce in your blender and blend until it reaches your desired level of creaminess. If necessary, thin it out with a little milk or water.
  4. Taste and add salt and pepper as desired.
  5. Optionally, garnish with nutritional yeast, or shredded cheeze/cheese of your choice. I scattered on some crushed peppercorns for the photo, as we love pepper around here.
  6. Enjoy!

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2_Easy cheezy Broccoli soup

More cheeze please!

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I’ve got lots more cheezy recipes in the queue. I’ve made “4 minute cheeze” a category, so you can easily find the recipes on my site.

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  2. I can’t stop! I made this again for dinner tonight. This time it was a broc-cauli combo. Cruciferous Chowder? Brassica Bisque? The easy factor is awesome. You don’t even need a ladle – just pour from the blender!

    • So happy to hear that! I am actually making green bean casserole with it as we speak!!
      And I’d love your recipe – it sounds good!!

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  4. Ann Eastman says:

    Beautiful – now I need broccoli. (It’s ‘epitaph’) Love P Sent from my iPhone


  5. As I have some of your 4 minute cheez sauce mix on hand, this will be even more ridiculously easy! In fact, I am going to make it tomorrow night for dinner!

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